Who are we?

Who are we?

Hey there, fellow captains of the Honkai Impact universe! Welcome to a project started by the YukongMains discord server! Our Honkai Star Rail Pre-TC & Theorycrafting hub! 

One day we had the insane idea to try and make guides for every single leaked character, as a lot of community interest rests in these characters & there isn't many people covering this topic, so we set out to make this idea into a reality! 

We plan to continuously update the website & the guides whenever things change! We have a team dedicated to updating and writing these guides so never worry about things being updated or so and so! 

So whether you're looking for builds, relic sets or even just a general description of what a character does, we hope to be of help!

Contact us!


My Discord: Kazjire

Reddit: Unhappy_Lunch_3025

Please feel free to contact us about anything! Im always online  happy to hear out any feedback/criticism or ideas from anyone!